anti-job, album cover

Designed and Created the album artwork for the band, the anti-job Including, cover, back cover and gatefold image, being a collector of records myself the object produced is a twelve by 24 LP cover, tangible in every sense of the word. Below is a polaroid of the object in question, the only digital addition isContinue reading “anti-job, album cover”

Current Works In Progress

Apologize for the recent lack of posts. The current work I am producing is so far of a written and academic nature. It is a three pronged attack on a singular problem. the project: a –> b i.  a series of photographs ii. a series of essays        . iii. a novel  Continue reading “Current Works In Progress”

DTLA Artwalk, April 2013

Apologize for the lack of posts; I am however working on a new series which will culminate in a book, hopefully at the end of this year. In between now and then I will continue printing and round out teh edges for the series already found here In leu of new work to be presentedContinue reading “DTLA Artwalk, April 2013”