Current Works In Progress

Apologize for the recent lack of posts. The current work I am producing is so far of a written and academic nature. It is a three pronged attack on a singular problem.

the project:

a –> b

i.  a series of photographs

ii. a series of essays        .

iii. a novel                        .

iv. bibliography                .

these are each approached as works of art, artifacts left over from the performance of a concept.

the following are polaroids(in order to keep with the integrity of this site) of the first of four non-fiction essays

in the coming week the second essay will be written

before the end of the year the images for the series will be produced

if you wish more information on this or any other portion of the projects i am very open to sharing, but, it must be done in a certain fashion, contact me in order to be included in this project.

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