in transit


on the surface in transit is in reference the voyeuristic place of a camera between the artist and subject matter, at the most fundamental, these environmental photographs were taken whilst I was in transit.

the notion of in transit is most obviously reflected in the actions of the subjects of these artifacts, however, in transit is more importantly a reflection of the subject and the artist, much in the same way that portraiture is a reflection of relationship between the subject and the artist. 

as a concept in transit is a single artifact intended to represent all of time and space as a vessel, and in this artifact all of humanity is a single passenger. this passenger in transit reflects the choices, potential choices, choice’s potential, choice choice’s potential of a traveler.

we are the individuals in transit.



all images are shot on whatever camera phone I happen to have at the time.

the images are displayed at full frame and without any manipulations.

this project is ongoing.

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