anti-job, album cover

Designed and Created the album artwork for the band, the anti-job Including, cover, back cover and gatefold image, being a collector of records myself the object produced is a twelve by 24 LP cover, tangible in every sense of the word. Below is a polaroid of the object in question, the only digital addition isContinue reading “anti-job, album cover”

anti-job cover design

I have just finished designing and creating the album art for the anti-job‘s up coming album, Your Not Real. The cover is strictly analog and will be made available as soon as the album is made available(october). for now, feel free to peruse some of the materials used(taken digitally), I am waiting for polaroid film toContinue reading “anti-job cover design”

Who Shot Rock & Roll at the Annenberg Space for Photography

Who Shot Rock & Roll at the Annenberg Space for Photography These Images were taken August 4th but a color darkroom was only recently made available to me. I have only selected a few images to print, a larger pool is available for viewing at guest of a guest. All images are shot on filmContinue reading “Who Shot Rock & Roll at the Annenberg Space for Photography”

Who Shot Rock and Roll

Images from this weekend’s show at the Annenberg Space for Photography are available for viewing at Guest of a Guest. Apologize for the lack of recent updates, I have continued shooting but am currently without a darkroom as I am in between semesters and the only pay-for-use color darkroom in Los Angeles is currently closedContinue reading “Who Shot Rock and Roll”