anti-job cover design

I have just finished designing and creating the album art for the anti-job‘s up coming album, Your Not Real.

The cover is strictly analog and will be made available as soon as the album is made available(october). for now, feel free to peruse some of the materials used(taken digitally), I am waiting for polaroid film to arrive in the mail in order to keep with the integrity of this blog in the future):


photo (25)


The purpose of this post is actually to entice you to vote for the anti-job at the deli magazine, they are currently in the running to become the band of the month, a contest which ends friday aug 17th.

Feel free to guess as to the method and function of the materials and objects and subjects of the work.

Clues include, heroes quest, deadlines, fame, artist’ production timeline. The primary metaphor in this work involves this album deadline as a deadline on a hero’s quest, not an ends in itself but a stepping stone none the less.

Don’t forget to vote!


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