DTLA Artwalk, April 2013

Apologize for the lack of posts; I am however working on a new series which will culminate in a book, hopefully at the end of this year. In between now and then I will continue printing and round out teh edges for the series already found here In leu of new work to be presentedContinue reading “DTLA Artwalk, April 2013”

Upcoming Gallery Participation, Santa Monica California

Having spent the last semester printing 16×20 of the series Homeless in Los Angeles, as well as Indio Puro, and a never before seen series Puro Indio, I will participate with fellow Black and White enthusiasts in a Gallery show, Thursday December 20th, one night only, at studio FIVE08. I have also printed images notContinue reading “Upcoming Gallery Participation, Santa Monica California”