a –> b, photo series

This series consists of four essays, a novel, and a unique approach to a bibliography the photo series has been much contemplated and meticulously planned, and is finally being shot. Over the course of the last two weeks 10 such scenes have been shot, and below are three of the images so far produces, asContinue reading “a –> b, photo series”

A –> B, statement of purpose

There are very little physical parameters to the project A –> B. Broadly it is a series of photographs depicting change, simply approaches to the moment that A seizes to be A, and becomes not-A, lets call it B. These acts can be as obvious as eggs breaking and love making, or as transitional asContinue reading “A –> B, statement of purpose”

anti-job, album cover

Designed and Created the album artwork for the band, the anti-job Including, cover, back cover and gatefold image, being a collector of records myself the object produced is a twelve by 24 LP cover, tangible in every sense of the word. Below is a polaroid of the object in question, the only digital addition isContinue reading “anti-job, album cover”

Current Works In Progress

Apologize for the recent lack of posts. The current work I am producing is so far of a written and academic nature. It is a three pronged attack on a singular problem. the project: a –> b i.  a series of photographs ii. a series of essays        . iii. a novel  Continue reading “Current Works In Progress”