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I hardly delve into the personal, in fact I must admit that it is quite difficult for someone with my history and analytical inclinations to turn the lens inward into mine own life. In my photographic work I have done so only tangentially, through concepts, journalistic work and as the source of inspiration and passion, but never has the end goal been to reveal myself or shed any light upon my own mysteries, no answers have been given for these purposes, and any such answers brought forth have been much wrestled with and only coincidental in their presence; means to a higher, conceptual and academic end. I say this now because the work I have embarked on deals directly with everything that is wrong.

Now don’t presume that this is an attempt at emotional and pitiful self emulation or mutilation; the work I have committed myself to is of a philosophical and conceptual nature, of the highest importance to the structure of social, academic and thought processes, it is however an investigation into the ideal, that which is process of beauty and art. And having come to believe that all that is, is a result of decisions and cause and effect (not to be confused with any sort of deity, but more on that later) I have come to doubt any and all of the decisions I have made in the past. If there is a line between art and non-art, it is not in the process, for this process of ideal decision making is to be found and strived for in every aspect in ones life.

I am currently searching for that art making quality(ies), the syntax of art, the God Particle; and in doing so I have found myself crossing out this requirement, that necessity, those historically important contextual links, so much of what has been said before can be defined as insufficient conditions in saying this or that is or is not art, and in this process I am forced ( for i do not neglect the scope of an idea) to say that at this point in time, or that, I made an incorrect decision, whether it be from lack of information, emotional disposition, or bodily weakness. I do not intend to darken your days for many a beautiful decision has been made and found in this retrospective as well; what I mean to say is that there is a concept to be found in the next year, a work of nonfiction to be written, and a work of fiction to mirror this form of ideal.

I have committed myself to this work as of February if this year, and have in fact been chasing such an ideal photographically for years, over the next few months I will bring my research to a close and begin the shooting of the images that are to form the substance of A → B, until that time I will leave you with breadcrumbs in the form of research and windows into this vast and intricate realm that is Aesthetics.


Attached please find the first of these articles, which I found when referenced by Sherman Paul in the introduction to Paul Rosenfeld’s book Port of New York.


Also you will find an interview of me and works past for a forthcoming issue of Gypsy Generation, a new publishing which promises to be quite intriguing and thought inspiring. It may help in shedding some light into the decisions aforementioned.

the seven arts_intro

an expression of artists for the community

James Oppenheim, editor

Waldo Frank, associate editor

Gypsy Generation: images are both windows and mirrors

interview by Niki Shur-Narula

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